After many successful and fun years, the company

RGIS is out of business!

RGIS is permanently closed and no job vacancies are available.

Avoid doing any business with any company claiming to be, or trading with the tradename RGIS from Groningen (KvK 02064222).


Frequently Asked Questions

Is RGIS out of business?
Yes, RGIS has gone out of business. RGIS ceased all operations and right now, in 2021, no salaries are paid out.
Is RGIS closed for business?
Yes, RGIS has shut down and ceased all operations worldwide, including in the USA and Europe.
Did RGIS laid off everyone?
Yes, RGIS did laid off all subcontractors and cancelled all contracts with partners it worked with. All salaries have been suspended without pay until further notice.
Did RGIS furlough its employees?
No, RGIS closed for business without furlough and none of its employees receive any further pay or salary.
Is RGIS suspending business?
No, RGIS is permanently closed for business and is not just suspending its business.
Are there any RGIS compensation and benefits issues?
There are no RGIS compensation and benefit issues as RGIS has closed shop.
Is RGIS an essential business?
No, RGIS is not an essential business and hence decided to close its doors and go out of business. In the future RGIS may start over again.
Where did RGIS service clients?
RGIS serviced clients worldwide, and worked closely with partners in the USA and of course the Netherlands.
What about the holdings of RGIS?
An inventory of all RGIS holdings has been made and most has been or is being sold, however still some items remain (such as this domain) in case of start over and reopening. The remaining RGIS inventory will then be used for providing services to its new business and clients.
How to apply for a job with RGIS?
You can't! RGIS is out of business and there are currently no job vacancies available.
How much does RGIS pay?
Currently no salaries are paid out, as RGIS is out of business and has no job vacancies for temporary (hourly paid) or permanent employment (payroll).
What is RGIS?
RGIS is a company which operated for many successful and fun years and is now out of business. There are no job vacancies are available.
What does RGIS do?
RGIS was a specialist in providing database solutions and internet solutions, based in Groningen.
Can I still use RGIS services?
No, RGIS stopped providing all services and refer you to alternative market solutions and our competitors instead.
Is RGIS a scam?
No, RGIS was a legitimate business and operated for many years but now closed its doors. RGIS holdings have been privately held ever since. This website serves as a PSA against any malicious entities trying to pretend to operate in RGIS' name.
Will RGIS start over?
We don't know what is in store for RGIS. It is possible that RGIS will start over in the future. In the meantime this domain name, considered part of RGIS inventory, serves as a way to contact the owners of RGIS and educate the public on the current out-of-business status of RGIS. In the future this domain may be developed again as the primary gateway to RGIS services.
Can I buy this domain name?
In the future this domain may be developed again. Until that time any reasonable offer for the domain name will be considered, which can be made here.
How do I contact RGIS?
Any other inquiries can still be sent to info [at]

Thanks for being a client. It was a pleasure to serve you.